Custom 2000A Alto

The custom 2000 Alto has become the standard of excellence through 18 years of professional craftsmanship. It's exceptional playing ability and professional tonal spectrum is the pinnacle of saxophone design. It features a neck with more dynamic tone and better control. The Custom 2000 Alto also has more durable mechanisms enhancing its overall capabilities. The custom 2000 provides affordable, professional quality.

Custom 2000A Altopicture
Custom 2000A Altopicture
Custom 2000A Eb Alto
  • Range low Bb to high F#
  • Ribbed construction
  • Detachable bell and bow
  • Comfortable metal thumb hook and metal thumb rest
  • European blue needle springs
  • European quality pads
  • Double arm on low C, B, Bb
  • Upper and lower stack adjustment screws
  • Hand engraved bell and bow
Neck type: Custom J-GP & C-GP
Case: Optional professional case

L - Dark Laquer 
DS - Darksteel
OX - Vintage  Oxidzed